Sound And Fury Here:

Thomas Byrnes 08.10.2021 15:22

I can only hope that Netflix or another company becomes aware of and sees the fabulous potential for these novels as long-form films/mini-series.

Jeremy 28.01.2018 04:51

Many thanks--had been searching for awhile, without success (obviously). A bit late to the party but greatly enjoyed Court of the Lion & just ordered Deception!

Eleanor Cooney 28.01.2018 05:01

Never too late to join this party!! DECEPTION is actually my fave. After you've read it, you'll be primed for SHORE OF PEARLS.

Jeremy Coffey 27.01.2018 23:04

Was Shore of Pearls only released as an e-book? Looking for a hardcopy, but striking out.

Eleanor Cooney 27.01.2018 23:19

Hi, Jeremy--So far, e-book only. There are old French and German translations in hard copy, but I wouldn't recommend them! Sorry!!


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Roxanne Wehrhan 23.05.2014 15:39

Tang Trilogy website is superb! I can't wait to immerse my soul in this
fabulous saga! Bravo!

Ellie 23.05.2014 19:44

Why, thank you, my dear. We shall attempt to live up to the promise!

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